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Company Name :- HME

Category :- Urology

Brand :- Hi Care

  • It maintains the Ureter open all the time.
  • It has multiple holes and even if there is block in the path urine can travel through these holes and prevent back pressure changes and Kidney destruction.
  • It helps the ureter dilate. The ureter or the passage from the Kidney to the urinary bladder enlarges to about two and a half to three times.
  • It helps prevent strictures or narrowing during the healing process. If there is injury or obstruction due to a stone the healing process would narrow the lumen [tube]. The DJ stent prevents this from happening.
  • It can flush the stones out of the Kidney. The person?s movement especially during walking or running creates movement of urine in the Kidney that facilitates movement of the stone out of the Kidney.
  • It helps the Kidney push out stones. The DJ stent is a foreign body and the body tries to push it out and these movements help the stones to come out.