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Category :- Blood Bank Products

Product Code :- RC2VAE

Brand :- Hemonetics

Clinically proven media technology

For standard or rapid flow applications
Easy prime technology
Enhanced ease of use
High efficiency leucocyte depletion
High red cell recovery
Minimal filter hold-up volume
Rapid priming without saline
Bedside filtration of two units of red cells

Features and Benefits
  • Clinically proven media technology significantly reduces the risk of leucocyte associated transfusion complications such as microaggregates, alloimmunisation, febrile reactions, refractoriness to platelets, Cytomegalovirus and immunosuppression.
  • Ease of use has been significantly enhanced by the new filter design which provides:
    • Priming by gravity or rapid priming by squeezing the blood bag 
    • Unique self levelling drip chamber allowing self priming of the filter and drip chamber 
    • New vented spike design to allow upstream of filter to drain following transfusion, maximising red cell recovery 
  • Dependably and efficiently delivers low leucocyte residuals, affording the maximum patient protection against leucocyte related transfusion complications (consistently averaging less than 2 x 105 /unit for buffy coat poor red cells).*
  • Primes directly with red cells quickly and conveniently without the need for priming with saline.
  • High technology filtration media and minimal filter hold-up volume (31 mL after recovery) provides minimal loss of red cells without the need for saline flushing.
  • Unique housing design allows maximum use of the filter media surface area for consistent results