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Max-Core Disposable Biopsy Instrument

Max-Core Disposable Biopsy Instrument

Company Name :- BARD MEDICAL

HSN Code :- 90183220

Category :- Nephrology

Product Code :- MC

Brand :- Bard

Size :- 14G, 16G, 18G, 20G Length 10CM, 16CM, 20CM, 22CM, 25CM

Indications for Use: 
The core needle biopsy device is intended for use in obtaining biopsies from soft tissues such as liver, kidney, prostate, spleen, lymph nodes and various soft tissue tumors. It is not intended for use in bone.
Contraindications: Good medical judgment should be exercised in considering biopsy on patients who are receiving anticoagulant therapy or who have a bleeding problem.